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Welcome to 2014/2015 REC Basketball Season

by Palm Beach Gardens Basketball, 2013-04-16T06:53:38-07:00April 16 2013, at 06:53 AM PDT



Anyone desiring to become a Head Coach MUST do the following:
1. Complete the “Coaches Commitment” form (located under documents).
2. Complete and pay for a background check (located under links). This include Assistant Coaches
After completing these two steps ALL Coaches are required to email copies of the completed Coaches form and background receipt to+ pbgbasketball@gmail.com+ By completing this process All approved Head Coaches “to be” will be able to reserve a registration spot for their child.
3. Obtain a team sponsor ($300.00). Team sponsor forms can be located documents.
IMPORTANT: Coaches, if you cannot make the evaluation or draft or find a replacement to help you out. DO NOT SIGN UP TO BE A HEAD COACH*

In an effort to maintain a competitive league on all levels. Assistant Coaches are not guaranteed a spot with a specific Head Coach. These pairings are determined after the evaluation process and at the respective league drafts. (See draft rules for details). All questions regarding this process or registration can be sent to pbgbasketball@gmail.com

Link to Blue Sombrero for registration

Once registration closes (full) there will be no refunds.
Registration Fee- $125 for residents
$40 non resident fee
-this goes directly to the city
$15 YAA fee- paid once a year for all PBGYAA sports

ALL PLAYERS MUST ATTEND EVALUATIONS – Only the league President can excuse a player from the evaluation. We are aware there may be conflicts but there will be a make-up day.

Wait list players will attend the make-up day and will be contacted by email to attend.
All OPEN Balances will need to be paid prior to the evaluations


Remaining Boys Evaluation will be held on Saturday October 25, 2014 times listed below:
Middle School 7th – 8th Grades
A thru J @ 11:00 (check in at 10:45)
K thru Z 12:00 (check in at 11:45)

Intermediate League 5th – 6th Grades
A thru J @ 1:00 (check in at 12:45 pm)
K thru Z 2:00 (check in at 1:45)

Elementary League 3rd – 4th Grade
A thru J @ 3:00 (check in at 2:45 PM)
K thru Z @ 4:00 ( check in at 3:45)

Girls Evaluation – Sunday October 26th*

Middle School (Grades 6th-8th)
Check in starts at 1:15 pm
Evaluations start at 1:30 pm

Elementary School (grades 3rd -5th)
Check in starts at 2 pm
evaluations start at 2:15 pm


Girls Drafts Tuesday October 28, 2014 Burns Road Rec Auditorium at 7pm

Boys Draft
Boys Middle School – Wednesday October 29, 2014 8pm Gardens PD
Boys Elementary – Thursday October 30, 2014 7pm Gardens PD
Boys Intermediate – Thursday October 30, 2014 9pm Gardens PD

All questions concerning evaluations and drafts can be forwarded to pbgbasketball@gmail.com

Who we are
The PBGYAA is a non-profit 501 C 3, all volunteer organization that oversees the youth sports programs in The City of Palm Beach Gardens. Many of our volunteers are parents of the athletes, so it is really a community endeavor. We are always looking new volunteers with fresh new ideas to become a part of this great program.

Our focus in the basketball program will be to teach the fundamentals of the game regardless of everyone’s skill level. We also encourage teamwork and good sportsmanship through a positive atmosphere. In our program, we promote a competitive environment, but winning at all cost is not tolerated and is evident by our rule that “everyone must play” regardless of skill level.

All of our leagues are based on a first come first serve registration. With the exception of our training leagues, all teams are assembled through a draft after a skills evaluation process. We also limit special request from coaches and parents in an effort to maintain the stability of competitiveness throughout the various leagues. We also feel when a player is better suited to play up in a grade level. We, as the governing body, will encourage that player and family to do so, with the understanding that this is being done to maintain a fairly balanced league. Once the decision has been made to move up, the player will not be able to move down; as the various leagues maybe filled. Remember this is recreational basketball and our goal is for the participants to have fun in a competitive atmosphere. The more balanced the leagues are usually the more fun the season will be.

Below is some additional information about our programs

Training League Girls K-2 grade & Boys 1st & 2nd (No Exceptions). This is a non-competitive league where the players learn the basics of the game while having fun. Boys’ games are on Saturday and Girls’ games on Sunday with a few Monday evenings. Games are played on a smaller court with each team being 4 on 4 This allows for more spacing and Coaches are the 5th player on the court helping facilitate the offense and the second coach reminds the players’ of their defensive assignments. In addition there is a certified Referee overseeing the game. The Referee help the players learn the rules of the game. As the season progresses we expect the players knowledge of the games to progress. So we reduce the coaches’ involvement.

Elementary League Both Boys and Girls 3rd and 4th graders. This League has rules to maintain a learning environment as well as being competitive. This league is man to man defense the entire season and games are played on a smaller court to allow for more scoring action. During the season the players will improve their skills and still have fun.

Intermediate League Both Boys and Girls 5th & 6th graders. This league is mostly man to man defense but there are times in the game when a defense can full court press and play zone defense. We still emphasis fun and skill development at this level

Middle School League Both Boys and Girls 7th & 8th grader. This league is based on
regular basketball with a couple rule adjustments to maintain competitiveness and fun.

As previously stated this is an ALL VOLUNTERR ORGAINZATION, for the benefit of children. As a result of our commitment to the success of this program. Some of our volunteers DO NOT have children within the program. However we truly believe that teaching our young kids about the value of competition and teamwork is a valuable life lesson, one they will remember throughout their whole life. This is a core reason why we volunteer our time. However we can not do it alone. So, please consider putting some time back into the program to compensate for what you and your child has gained from the program. Together, we can continue to build the program for ourselves and for others to come.

Needed Volunteers
League Directors
Assist with the lines of communication between coaches, team parents and basketball board members. Also will be asked to covers games/gyms occasionally to make sure games are on time. Knows the rules of the league. Occasionally be asked to attend basketball board meeting. We never can have enough League Directors.

Coaches-Head & Assistant Coaches
 we can’t be successful without good coaches. We would much rather have a coach who is great with kids than someone who wants to win the championship. Assistant Coaches will be responsible for maintaining and organizing the bench area. Maintaining the rotation/substitution chart for the team.

Team Parents- Help communicate the team matters to the team such as volunteers for the end of year party. As well as conveying any issues, concerns of a coach to the league director 

End of year party Coordinators 
works with board Secretary other team parents in planning, and setting up for End of the Year Party. Includes ordering of food, supplies, decorations and prizes. 

For the second year in a row, we are extending an opportunity to any HS age person or older to earn $9.00 per-game as a score keeper in the league. Score keepers and clock personal will be trained in these duties. Weekend and some week day work will be REQUIRED.

Any interest in these positions can sent to pbgbasketball@gmail.com In the subject line please indicate what position you are interested in.

We appreciate your effort, support and participation to make this another successful season.

Dorian Hawkins 
PBG Basketball-President


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2012/13 Awards
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